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Soccer Practice
Soccer Practice

SEND School Services

The PMActive coaching team is passionate about working with schools to develop sports programs that suit the needs of students with special education needs.

How we can help

We believe that sport can help students with special education needs develop physically, socially and emotionally. Our aim is to create a positive and safe environment and promote equal opportunities for everyone to access sports. Get in touch with PMActive today and see the difference we can make to your school’s sports curriculum.


PMActive are able to provide physical education lessons that are structured, planned and delivered as set by the National Curriculum guidelines for Physical Education. We specialise in Football PE sessions but we can also offer multi sports sessions to include; Invasion Games, Creative Movement, Striking and Fielding Games, Athletics & Net and Wall Games.

PMActive can also offer support to midday supervisors, with a number of multi sport games and activities which are suited to the school playground. This is a great INSET training opportunity! 



Within our extra curricular and lunch time services the emphasis will be on learning whilst having fun. Sessions will be designed to develop the players technically whilst improving their confidence and knowledge of the game, focusing and encouraging teamwork, listening skills and fitness through interactive games and exercises.

PMActive can offer Early Morning, Lunchtime or After School Clubs which allows children to receive additional sports coaching to help increase participation. If you would like to talk to PMActive about your Sports Provision, Extra Curricular and Lunchtime Activities then please do get in contact.

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